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Evolve Class Content

Evolve is a leadership development program for people 50+  focused on leadership for the common good. Evolve strengthens your leadership skills, focuses your energies, and connects you with others who share your vision, interests, and passions.

Research suggests that you will be healthier and happier if you are mentally active, contributing to something bigger than yourself, and connected with other people. Evolve helps you do all those things. 

You and other participants will be co-creators in developing your knowledge and skills. Each class offers a mix of listening to experienced leaders, learning from each other, large and small group discussions, exercises, and reflection.

Throughout the course, we will help you design and implement a community project. We'll help you identify something that you think should change and make a plan for implementing your idea. The project will provide an opportunity for you to try out new ideas and bring what you are learning back to share with classmates.

Like anything else in life, you will get out of it what you put into it. We encourage you to immerse yourself in the opportunity to learn, engage, and lead.

Classes meet eight full day sessions.

Session 1
Introduction to Course and Each Other
Potential of Experienced Leaders
What Is Your Purpose and How Does it Relate to a Public Need?

Session 2
Leading with Wisdom:
What are the fundamentals of good leadership?

Session 3
Leadership for the Common Good
Building Relationships
Planning a Project

Session 4
Working Collaboratively
Identify and Working with Stakeholders

Session 5
Embracing Opportunties; Overcoming Barriers
Implement Your Project

Session 6
Making an Impact in a Community
Working Across Lines of Difference
Skills for Success

Session 7
Making Your Case
Moving Forward

Session 8
Project Presentations
Course Wrap-up and Evaluation
Certificate Award Ceremony

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