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Slow, Smooth, and Soft: Tai Chi for Everyone

steverukavinajr_120_118Steve Rukavina has studied the principles and techniques of Tai Chi for over 10 years. His love for the discipline is the foundation of his Evolve project. “I want to help people in their 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s get the benefits of Tai Chi,” says Steve.

Steve practices a type of Tai Chi that uses the three Ss—Slow, Smooth, and Soft. This type incorporates breathing techniques and movements that help people relax, loosen up and feel energy. “Tai Chi offers seniors the opportunity to increase their flexibility, range of motion and strength,” says Steve. “The practice is adaptable to a person’s physical ability and participants can perform the exercises sitting down or standing up.”

The support that Steve  found in the Evolve class led him to design his own Tai Chi class especially for the needs of people 50 and over. He teaches it Wednesday mornings at the Southwest Senior Club in Minneapolis. He is considering offering a second class this summer because his first class was so well-received.



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