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Creativity and Aging: The benefits of engaging in arts and culture

July 13, 2010
10:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Susan Perlstein, National Center for Creative Aging

Minneapolis Central Library
Pohlad Hall
300 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, 55401



On Tuesday, July 12, 2010 almost 100 people gathered at Central Library in Minneapolis to hear Susan Perlstein, of the National Center for Creativity and Aging, discuss the 3 themes in the field of arts and aging:

  • Arts and lifelong learning
  • Arts and community engagement
  • The use of arts in social service and health care settings

For Perlstein, creativity is defined as, "Bringing something new into existence that is valued." Many people commented on the types of art and creativity that influences their lives. The audience was able to interact with Perlstein throughout the morning.

Perlstein also talked about her research with Dr. Gene Cohen. She highlighted how new research proves that creativity has many benefits to aging adults. Some of these benefits include:

  • Art improves a sense of mastery and control
  • Improves social engagement
  • Improvement in immune system

Perlstein also offered this famous quote from Dr. Gene Cohen, "If not now, when?" She challenged the audience to begin their work in creativity today!

Check out the National Center for Creative Aging for more information.


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