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Wellness 50+


Final Report: Wellness 50+ Pilot Program
January 2017

We are proud of the outstanding work the Wellness 50+ teams have done Alexandria, MN; the Hamline Midway neighborhood in Saint Paul; Oakdale and the Phillips neighborhood in Minneapolis. The three-year pilot is done but their work is just beginning. Take a look at the report to learn about their ongoing work.

In the News

Phillips Wellness 50+: PhillipsWellness50-AlleyNews7-2017


Phillips Wellness 50+: Round the World Challenge

"None of us can walk around the world on our own but together we can accomplish remarkable things." The Phillips group has walked almost 10,000,000 steps so far with a goal of more than 35,000,000 steps. Together they will make it! Read the story.

People 50+ as Catalysts for Wellness


The Vital Aging Network, with support from HealthPartners and a Bush Foundation Community Innovation Grant, has launched four community-based wellness pilots led by self-directed teams of people 50+. The pilots operate in these Minnesota communities: Alexandria, Hamline Midway in Saint Paul, Oakdale and Phillips neighborhood in Minneapolis and work to achieve these goals:

  • wellness50_250_01Increase the awareness among people 50+ in the community about opportunities for self-care and its importance.
  • Implement projects that enable older adults to make measurable changes in attitudes/practices likely to contribute to better health outcomes.
  • Build community among community members to create a culture of wellness.
  • Increase the capacity of community members to provide ongoing leadership for wellness-related initiatives.
  • Ensure that the Wellness 50+ initiative can be sustained
    during and after the three-year initiating phase.


Richard Long and Cheryl Johnson, Phillips Wellness 50+


Vital Living Alexandria Team

Wellness 50+ in the news

Phillips Walkers Surpass 6 Million Steps. The Alley Newspaper, September 2016.

New Midway group takes aim at senior health. Monitor Newspaper, Saint Paul.
Vital Living Alexandria is wellness program designed for people 50+. Echo Press, Alexandria, MN.


How It Works

In each pilot community, trained facilitators help Wellness 50+ team members learn processes that help them design and implement wellness projects. The projects produce increased wellness and become the start of sustainable initiatives in the communities.

The Wellness 50+ teams are self-directed, engaging a cross-section of community members to:

  • Map existing community assets.
  • Build relationships among individuals and organizations.
  • Engage community members in setting priorities.
  • Plan and implement projects that change behaviors.
  • Work collaboratively to make sustainable, positive changes in the well-being of people 50+.

“For change to be sustained, it has to involve
and be led by the people who are living in the community. ”

—Dr. John Gaventa,
Citizen-Led Sustainable Change Vibrant Canada


Evolve for Wellness Training

In-community team training is a key element of the success of Wellness 50+. A VAN trained facilitator provides structure and processes to help community-based teams move quickly to innovation and success.

  1. Forming and  operating as an effective  team
  2. Being a collaborative leader
  3. Using principles and practices of Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) for successful, grassroots community efforts
  4. Engaging a broad, cross section of residents in the Wellness 50+ effort
  5. Planning and implementing projects
  6. Planning for sustainability

Download the most current update: Wellness50-Update

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This section includes the following pages:

  • Gentle Movement in Silent Unison: Improving Health in Phillips - The Tai Chi sessions are led by master trainer, Richard Johnson, and are part of the Phillips Wellness 50+ program.
  • Oakdale Wellness 50+:
    Citizens Leading Change
    - The Oakdale Wellness 50+ team has provided remarkable leadership, and is making a real impact in Oakdale. To support their work, the Oakdale team has developed partnerships with local government and organizations.
  • 6,175,139 Steps and Counting - The green-shirt-clad walkers have taken more than 6 million steps on the way to our goal of 35,200,000 steps along the 45th parallel. It’s all part of the “Phillips Round the World Challenge,” an effort of Phillips Wellness 50+. None of us can walk around the world by ourselves but together we can achieve the most audacious goal.


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