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Let VAN help YOU make a difference!

Are you interested in using your experience and knowledge to contribute to something that matters? I would like to personally invite you to get involved with the Vital Aging Network.

I can tell you from personal experience, that engaging in this network can be invigorating, sometimes challenging and rewarding. I started to volunteer with VAN in 2005, serving on the board and various task forces. I have been the volunteer executive director since 2010. In these roles I have had a chance to work with an incredible number of interesting and capable people who are looking for both personal fulfillment and an opportunity to make a real difference in the world.

As a grassroots organization, the Vital Aging Network is mostly directed and operated by people who volunteer their time and talents. Most volunteers work as part of ongoing task forces. People get engaged in VAN to connect with civic-minded people, make use of their skills and talents and create positive change.

It has been twelve years since the seminal MetLife report on "Reinventing Aging" was published. The report raised the issue of how we will engage the 76 million boomers in our communities, and suggested that the infrastructure to do so did not exist.

As a society, we have not come as far as I would have hoped since 2004. I do believe, however, that the way that the Vital Aging Network engages volunteers as serious contributors in leadership roles is a start of the kind of infrastructure the MetLife report imagined.

Together we have tremendous power and we can all play a role. The opportunities listed are some ways you can get involved right now. We are on a mission to grow those opportunities, and you can help make that happen.


Mark Skeie
Executive Director, Vital Aging Network



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