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Creative Arts

The array of opportunities to enrich your life through the creative arts is mind-boggling. The list includes acting; beading; throwing pottery; dancing; drawing; glass blowing; writing literature and poetry; fashioning metalwork; playing and writing music; painting; making sculpture; printmaking; creating textiles using embroidery, knitting, needlecraft, or weaving; woodworking; and much more.

It is never too late for you to pursue artistic endeavors. Consider just a few renowned older artists: Grandma Moses; Louise Nevelson; Picasso; Arthur Rubenstein; Vladmir Horowitz; and Verdi, who completed his opera Falstaff at 83 years of age. Then think about Hume Cronyn, Jessica Tandy, May Sarton, Eve Merriam, Studs Turkel, Charles Schulz, Katharine Hepburn and Pete Seeger. The list of older artists is endless. The Ageless Spirit, Connie Goldman’s inspiring book, recounts just a few of their lives.

Perhaps you will find in the arts the sense of satisfaction and fulfillment that you once believed you could glean only from your career or your family. Whatever the opportunity, do not allow finances to hold you back. You will find that scholarship funds are often available. Be sure to ask!

If you are not inclined to creative work yourself, you can benefit from the creative work of others. Every community has access to performing and visual arts that can buoy your spirit and connect you to others.

ArtSage s a great place to start. Check the organization’s Resources & Links page for other ideas and places to find help.

Go ahead; get started. You have nothing to lose.

Page Author: Carol Daly


This section includes the following pages:

  • Maria Genne: Everyone Needs to Dance - Maria Genné is the founder and director of the Kairos Dance Theatre, an intergenerational dance company based in Minneapolis that uses dance and storytelling to transform individual lives and build community.
  • You have a story to tell--so tell it, and start now - Retired Star Tribune staff writer Warren Wolfe gives advice on passing along our legacy to others in writing
  • PRIME Productions and the Wisdom of Age - PRIME Productions, a new theatre company, wants to provide more paid work for talented, mature theatre artists, particularly women, who see opportunities after "a certain age" dwindle and often disappear.
  • MN State Arts Board - The Minnesota State Arts Board invites anyone who, professionally or personally, engages in any and every form of creative expression to participate in the MN Arts Count census.
  • Creativity: Nature or Nurture? - I believe that creativity is not an either-or state of being but, rather, a personal characteristic on a continuum from low to high. You can more your own creativity up the scale by nurturing it.
  • Short Film Competition
    The Assisted Living Federation (ALFA)
    - ALFA is sponsoring a film competition featuring short films (under 8 minutes) about ageism that illuminates specific discriminatory practices against seniors, prejudicial attitudes toward the aging process, or institutional practices that perpetuate stereotypes about seniors.
  • Art of Aging Exhibit Explores Growing Old - What’s it like to grow old? How is growing old
    conveyed through art? Four female artists from the Twin Cities, aged 65 to 80, offer whimsical and pointed reflections on that topic in a three-month exhibit, The Art of Aging, at Cargill Hall, the gallery at the Minneapolis Central Library in downtown Minneapolis.
  • Creativity: Getting Better with Age - As we age, we need to create - for the sake of discovery, growth, beauty, contribution, legacy-leaving, and more.
  • How to Tell a Story - Everyone has a story to tell; it is just a matter of speaking the words!
  • A Story: Miz Maybelle and the Devil - Storyteller, Nothando Zulu, shares one of her enticing stories with VAN readers.

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