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Nonfinancial Resources

Imagine a society that values what you do for your friends and family as much as how much money you spend. Or imagine a society that thinks it is as important for you to participate in meetings in your community, help a neighbor shop for groceries, or tutor a school child as it is for you to pay taxes.

And imagine a community where you can trade with others for the goods and services you need, without having to pay a penny in hard cash.

The Additional Resources in this section present ideas and models for alternative economies. They provide food for thought and, in some cases, living experiments that you can join or use to learn. For instance, the TimeBanks website gives stories about how real people, in real neighborhoods, use social capital to build strong communities based on the social ties, not the financial dealings, that connect them.

Let your imagination run free as you think about the possibilities of efforts that are truly counterculture.



This section includes the following pages:

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