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Here are a few selected sources to learn more about topics covered in Aging with Gusto:

  • “Ageism Defined.” Gray Panthers Twin Cities,
  • "Ageism in America." 2006. International Longevity Center-USA. Access report.
  • "Ageism: the Strange Case of Prejudice Against the Older You.” Nelson, T. D., Disability and Aging Discrimination, 37-47. Access report.
  • "Don’t Call Me ‘Sweetie’!:Discouraging caregivers from using elderspeak." AARP, April 11, 2017.
  • “The Issue of Ageism in America Today.” Wendy Taormina-Weiss. Disabled World, 9/12/12. Access report.
  • “Lesson Plans on Aging Issues: Creative Ways to Meet Social Studies Standards”. Ithaca College Gerontology Institute. This lesson plan deals with life changes and comparisons between how we treat young people and older people. Access plan.
  • Life Gets Better: The Unexpected Pleasures of Growing Older. Wendy Lustbader. New York: Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin, 2011.
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  • "The Pernicious Problem of Ageism." Laura A. Robbins, Generations: Journal of the American Society on Aging, 10/22/2015. Access this article and the entire issue on ageism.
  • "Positive Aspects of Aging." Vital Aging Network, by Mary L. Dierling. Access article.
  • "The Six Assets of Aging." by Jeanette Leardi, Access article.
  • “TED Talk: Laura Carstensen: Older people are happier.” Watch video, 2011.
  • This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism. Ashton Applewhite, 2016, Networked Books.

Additional Resources

You’re How Old? We’ll Be in Touch
Ashton Applewhite, New York Times, SundayReview, September 3, 2016
Age prejudice of all kinds hurts all of us. According to Applewhite, "The critical starting point is to acknowledge our own prejudice: internalized bias like 'I’m too old for that job,' and that directed at others, like 'It’s going to take me forever to bring that old guy up to speed.'"

What is old? Millennials Show Us What 'Old' Looks Like
This video by AARP's Disrupt Aging campaign shows how views of aging can change as awareness raises.

7 Cultures That Celebrate Aging and Repect Their Elders
Huffington Post
, February 25, 2014
Different cultures have different attitudes and practices around aging and death, and these cultural perspectives can have a huge effect on our experience of getting older.


Matthew Sanford - The Body's Grace
On Being with Krista Tippett
"An unusual take on the mind-body connection with author and yoga teacher Matthew Sanford. He's been a paraplegic since the age of 13. He shares his wisdom for us all on knowing the strength and grace of our bodies even in the face of illness, aging, and death." Audio only.

The Science of Older and Wiser
New York Times, March 12, 2014
by Phyllis Korkki
"Most psychologists agree that if you define wisdom as maintaining positive well-being and kindness in the face of challenges, it is one of the most important qualities one can possess to age successfully - and to face physical decline and death."

Ripening: Thoughts About Aging and Ageism
Twin Cities Gray Panthers
"This video presents a rich tapestry of voices and images on the subject of aging and ageism."

Selected Work, Second Edition, Meridel Le Sueur, Edited by Elaine R. Hedges, 1990, The Feminist Press.

“Who me, ageist?” How to Start Your Own Consciousness-Raising Group
The Radical Age Movement. Concise guide for organizing and leading a group of people through examines what it means to age and the effects of ageism.



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