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Safeguarding Investments for Minnesota's Future

By Steve Morse, Executive Director of the Minnesota Environmental Partnership

Recently, I was invited to speak at a VAN forum in Apple Valley about the Clean Water, Land, and Legacy constitutional amendment, discussing how Minnesotans can help ensure that the government uses the dedicated funding for its intended purposes. In November 2008, 1.6 million Minnesotans voted YES to provide long-term investments to clean up Minnesota's lakes, rivers, and streams; protect our land and wildlife habitat; maintain our parks and trails, and support the arts. We now have a constitutional guarantee that, for the next 25 years, Minnesota will use $300 million a year specifically for the purposes set out in the constitution to protect Minnesota's future.

But now the real work begins.

The Minnesota Environmental Partnership is committed to ensuring that Minnesota’s constitution is upheld, and that, even in difficult financial times, elected officials protect Minnesota's great outdoors for our children and grandchildren. We cannot let government raid constitutionally protected funds to solve short-term budgetary problems of the state.

And we need your help.

Sign up now to stay up to date on the events and happenings of the environmental and conservation community in Minnesota, including action on the constitutionally dedicated funding for our great outdoors. Go to and click on Want to stay informed? to sign up today!

The Minnesota Environmental Partnership is a coalition of 78 nonprofit conservation and environmental organizations committed to the protection and restoration of Minnesota's lakes, rivers, streams, forests, natural areas, parks, and trails.



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