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Being a grandparent gives you an opportunity to share your experiences and love with a younger person and offers the young person a socially positive and enriching experience.

Special camps and school programs, designed to bring grandparents and their grandchildren together, offer a structured learning environment. Whatever the setting, grandparenting can help change society for the better.

Supportive programs are expanding for grandparenting. Over the last 50 years, ties within families and between individuals and communities have weakened due to higher divorce rates, geographic mobility that separates families, a decline in civic engagement, and a growth in violence. Three kinds of programs have developed to counter these trends:

  • Support for volunteers as grandparents. Foster Grandparents matches older adults with low-income children who are missing the support of family in caring relationships.
  • Support for grandparents as grandparents. Several organizations offer information, support, and encouragement to help you make the most of being a grandparent. Programs such as Grandkids and Me, which provides a weekend camp for grandparents and their grandchildren, or grandparent support groups, are available in many locations.
  • Support for grandparents as parents. Grandparents care for over 25% of the children of low-income, single parents. The Grandparents as Parents Program in Minneapolis is one example of a program that provides intensive support.

Many educational resources about grandparenting, including books such as The Essential Grandparent, are also available. Check our Additional Resources for more information.


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Check our Additional Resources for more information


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