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Clubs and Associations

Clubs and associations are great ways to find others with similar interests. These groups organize around an interest, ranging from outdoor activities, such as skiing, to more unique ones, such as the Inventors' Club. Just enter your area of interest and location into your internet browser, and likely you will find a group near you. If you cannot find a group that matches your interests, maybe you need to start your own.

Clubs can range from informal book groups to well-organized groups, with by-laws and rules governing the election and duties of officers, dues, obligations of members, and regular times and locations for meetings. The amount of time, effort, and resources that each member invests in a group often differs.

Associations generally function like an information center. When you join an association, the membership provides you with special perks, such as discounts to events, publications, or information. Most associations sponsor events that cover topics of interest to its members. In addition, many associations provide members with regular updates through newsletters, magazines, bulletins, or websites.

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