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Coping with Changes

Aging brings changes in virtually every aspect of your life. Many of these changes have to do with loss, from the emotional issues surrounding retirement or challenges in physical health that prevent you from being as physically active as you once were. These changes can also present you with wonderful new opportunities if you choose to perceive the changes with a positive attitude.

For instance, if you are leaving the ranks of paid employment, now might be the time to go back to school, start the volunteering or other community service that you have wanted to do, travel, or find something else that enriches your life. Hold the thought that "Every ending brings with it a new beginning" as you encounter significant changes in your life.

You may find you need help in coping with some major changes you face. A good support system will help to ease transitions of any sort. The good news is that many resources are available to help.

AARP, offers valuable information and insight on dealing with major changes in life, from retirement to grief support.

Pathways provides support for a creative and healing response to life-threatening illness. Its programs examine psychological, emotional, and spiritual issues.

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