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The Word for 2015: Present!

by Pam Hayle January 11, 2015


“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”
---Mother Teresa

At this time of year it is common to debate the importance of New Year’s resolutions. Individuals seem to either be believers or non-believers in the worth of New Year’s resolutions. There is reason for skepticism. The media reminds us that 57 percent of New Year’s resolutions will be abandoned half way into January 2015.

In this New Year’s resolution debate, many psychologists and authors talk about themes or pick a motivating word for the year. I, personally, have been doing the latter for several years. This year the word that I have heard people mention most often is present… just to be more present, to be more intentional about the work they do and how they spend their time.

It is our hope that the Vital Aging Network can help you be present for 2015, we have a tremendous amount of potential for meaningful activity with our programs, volunteer opportunities and community engagement for older adults. Maybe this is the year you will finally take the Evolve course, join a Wellness 50+ team or participate in a VAN forum. What are you waiting for? It is definitely time to be present!


Bob Lykke - January 11, 2015
Yes, the importance of being "present" to others and grabbing the moment. Being appreciative of aging as it is a blessing. My wife and I have just completed designing a six session activity on the joys of aging, and how to make the best of the years we have left. We, of course, will also spend time discussing the relevance of our attitude and resiliency as we encounter some of the issues of growing older. Please keep up the fine work you are doing in Minnesota. I know you are making a difference.


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