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Enjoy A Healthy Life!

by Pam Hayle March 04, 2015

healthy_life_stickers_204We tend to think of health care as what happens in our doctors' offices or during a hospital stay when in actuality those situations are just the result of lack of health care. Health care happens in our homes, work places, churches, community centers and in the places and with the people with whom we spend time.

Knowing that health is often a communal process, Stratis Health has developed a program called “Enjoy a Healthy Life!” It is a series of short, fun guided conversations where individuals can discuss important health issues in a safe comfortable atmosphere. It is based on four simple steps:



Gather your friends and family (maybe you have a book club or church group that would want to tackle a health issue), pick a health topic to discuss ( offers many examples) and offer fun rewards or acknowledgements for health goal setting or wellness plans that come out of the discussion. Then, pass it on. Share what you have learned with others.

The goal of “Enjoy a Healthy Life!” is to empower older adults to take a more active role in their health. Older adults who feel that they are in charge of their health and health care are more likely to follow through with wellness programs, visits to their doctors, and taking actions that lead to healthier and more active lives.

Programs and organizations such as these compliment and validate the work of VAN’s Wellness 50+ program and other programs for older adults. VAN continues to grow, develop and promote positive aging. We encourage you to join us in our efforts, and Enjoy a Healthy Life!





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