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Senior Fitness is Booming!

by Pam Hayle April 28, 2015

The Keiser Institute on Aging predicted ten years ago that there would be a significant boom in the need for senior fitness in America over the next two decades. It would be a two-pronged need for two very different populations. Members of one group would have exercised all their lives and now need to learn new strategies to keep active with aging bodies and changing durability. The other group, many of whom may have never set foot in a gym, are coming to the realization, either on their own or through medical advice, that they need to have a more active lifestyle.

oakdaleteam41015_400I see the evidence of this senior fitness boom everywhere. Our Wellness 50+ team in Oakdale recently engaged residents in a senior housing cooperative to increase their activity levels using safe modalities in order to reduce falls, increase endurance and help participants to be more active in life changing ways. The project, led by older adults for older adults shows great potential for community-supported wellness in Oakdale. A group of legislators and the Minnesota Commissioner of Health, Dr. Edward Ehlinger, visited recently to learn more about the project.

As an older adult on the other side of the spectrum, I recently competed in a mini-triathlon. I was in a wave with all women who appeared to be 50+. Five minutes behind us was a wave of all men who appeared to be 20+. It was interesting to see the same amount of intensity and determination by both waves. I was also pleasantly encouraged that there was no leeway for the “older ladies.”

Minnesota is host to the 2015 National Senior Games this summer, again demonstrating the strength and athletic abilities of older adults. Please join us for a forum at the University of Minnesota on Tuesday, May 12, to learn about the senior games and see a Pickleball demonstration.


Sonya - May 11, 2015
Another way to stay fit is to continue working. I'm 72, work full time, and get 6 to 10 miles a day of walking per my Jawbone.


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