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Summer, Activity ad Healthy Aging

by Pam Hayle July 01, 2015

Perhaps you noticed last week the annual unveiling of the state fair foods bonanza! Every year the fair food delights seem to get bigger (some would say better), and are almost an insult to those trying to maintain a healthy diet. As someone who thoroughly enjoys the state fair and believes that a splurge day now and then never hurts, my surprise was that we are already talking about the state fair. Where did summer go?

In reality, it's just getting underway. Summer provides many opportunities to be active and healthy. Getting outside, walking, biking, pickleball games are all so much easier and enjoyable in the summer weather. I encourage you to make the most of it. Don't forget that the 2015 National Senior Games are July 3-16 here in the Twin Cities. Volunteer help is still needed.

As we prepare for fall we will keep you informed of our Wellness 50+ work in communities, fall forums, and other VAN programs of interest. Enjoy your summer and try at least a couple items on a stick at the great Minnesota get together!



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