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Healthy Living: A Personal and Community Journey

by Pam Hayle September 03, 2015

fotolia_55855002_xs_424The Vital Aging Network has been deeply engaged for the past two years in learning about health and wellness for older adults.

The learning has not been in the traditional sense of healthcare policy, health programs, health funding. We have been initiating a deeper dive to help individuals actualize their personal health journeys in a way that can have a tremendous impact on their communities.

Is it as simple as “if I am a healthier person, my community will be healthier”? We believe the questions, the discussion and the impact can go much deeper than that. How can individuals own their health and have the tools they need to make positive changes toward personal and socially responsible health attitudes and behaviors? How do we help people support each other in their quests for wellness?

Our communities are doing work that is making a difference (read our latest update). Building the energy and funding to continue Wellness 50+ in our communities is a high priority for VAN.

Everyone has a role when it comes to his or her (and our) health. Please join in: set a goal for yourself, connect with others to give and receive support and create a healthier future.



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