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Minnesota Models

Provides Minnesota examples of replicable vital aging communities, with tools to help other communities reproduce them.

The links included in this section are listed below. Additional information about each link can be found lower on the page.

Care Team Ministry

Care Team Ministries organizes  groups of individuals to support the independence of aging individuals.

Care Team Ministries organize groups of volunteers from churches' congregations or from communities to work together as teams to provide support to aging individuals with ongoing needs. This approach is very effective where an individual's needs for daily support are too great for a single caregiver to meet. Dr. Ron Sunderland and Earl E. Shelp developed the Care Team concept in 1985 in Texas to provide compassionate care to people with AIDS. The Normandale Care Team Ministry Replication Education Module produced by the Normandale Center for Healing & Wholeness is a manual and volunteer guidebook for replicating the model.

Lyngblomsten in St. Paul introduced the Care Team Ministry model in Minnesota and has worked with over 40 congregations around the metro area to help these congregations establish Care Team Programs.

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Carver County Office of Aging
Carver County Public Health Division

By changing the face, fabric and culture of aging in the county, the Office of Aging will prepare Carver County for a four-fold increase in the number of residents over 65 by 2030.

The Carver County Health Partnership through its Senior Commission developed a Master Plan for Aging, initiated city-level Senior Commissions in five cities and recommended the development of the Office of Aging. The Office will work with the aging baby boomer residents born between 1946 and 1964 (with different experiences and expectations from today’s older residents) to identify issues and collaborate with public, private and nonprofit partners to meet their needs. It is also identifying how Carver County will change and what these changes will mean for all County residents and stakeholders and educating Carver County residents, local governments, businesses, civic groups and school districts on these changes. Priority issues include “empty nest” housing options, caregiver support systems and comprehensive later life planning.

Elements of the Carver County 2030 Comprehensive Plan cover its aging population. City-level Aging and Senior Commissions now exist throughout the County.

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Mill City Commons

Mill City Commons is a neighborhood "village" within the city of Minneapolis. According to their website, "everything we do is geared toward bringing more abundance into our lives." Mill City Commons is a membership organization for neighbors 55+, most of whom live in the Central Riverfront District of Minneapolis. The organization's mission is to build community through an exciting array of programs that connect us with each other and the resources needed to maintain and support vibrant lives as we age.Learn more about. Read more about Mill City Commons.

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Minnesota Community Initiatives

A number of Minnesota communities have established initiatives to develop healthy communities. These initiatives use a number of resources as the base of their models including:

The link below provides information about many Minnesota initiatives.

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Monterey Co-Housing Community

The first cohousing community in Minnesota that individuals created with the active involvement of older adults.

Monterey CoHousing combines the best features of urban living with a relatively large green space on 2.5 acres that combines lawn, an oak grove, and a mixed-species wooded slope. Cohousing is a burgeoning movement in North America of groups working together to create housing structures that reweave a social fabric into neighborhoods that are people-friendly and earth-sensible. At Monterey CoHousing, an Edwardian mansion provides the common spaces and eight retrofitted, apartment-style units, from studio to 3-bedroom. Seven newly built townhouses also provide housing, and an underground tunnel connects them to the main house. its website provides an overview of the Monterey Community as well as links to cohousing resources.

The community has developed 15 households, with 22 adults, nine children, and one dependent adult.

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