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Community Assessments & Surveys

These tools offer ready to use questionnaires and surveys to help understand a community.

The links included in this section are listed below. Additional information about each link can be found lower on the page.


Vital Communities Assessment

Offers a way to evaluate communities' and individuals' assets related to vital aging; VAN developed this tool.

The tool assists individuals interested in assessing how well their community supports vital aging. The tool groups the assets into three categories:

  1. Meeting basic needs for self-sufficiency
  2. Encouraging a community's involvement
  3. Promoting a high quality of life

Link to Tool

Community Assessment Survey

Helps assess a community's capacity to support older adults; the State of Texas developed this tool.

The Aging Texas Well Community Assessment Tool can help individuals evaluate the capacity and potential of their community's infrastructure to provide support for an aging population. If offers specific questions for various areas including caregiving, community support, education, employment, financial, housing, legal, physical health, protection, recreation, transportation, and volunteerism. The tool bases these questions on the Declaration of Objectives that the Older Americans Act outlines. Each set of questions is broken into two areas: identifying resources and building community.

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Community Assessment Toolkit



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