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These tools assist in preparing an evaluation plan.

The links included in this section are listed below. Additional information about each link can be found lower on the page.

Basic Guide to Program Evaluation

Provides an overview for developing an evaluation plan.

This document explains the benefits of evaluating programs for both nonprofit and for-profit organizations. It offers advice to help organizations determine if an evaluation would be helpful. It also identifies key considerations in designing an evaluation and in deciding the most effective type of evaluation, such as goals-based evaluations or process-based evaluations.

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Framework for Program Evaluation

Provides a framework for evaluation and steps to implementing the framework.

This framework, created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, guides public health professionals when evaluating programs. It provides six steps to effective evaluations, including engaging stakeholders, describing the program, designing a focused evaluation, gathering evidence that will be credible to stakeholders, justifying  conclusions, and ensuring informed decision-making and appropriate use of results. The framework also provides a set of 30 standards for use in assessing the quality of evaluations.

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W.K. Kellogg Foundation Evaluation Handbook

An in-depth guide for evaluation.

This handbook provides a framework for thinking about evaluation as a relevant and useful program tool. It was written primarily for project directors who have direct responsibility for the ongoing evaluation of W.K. Kellogg Foundation-funded projects.

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Evaluation Guide



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