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Community Support

To support vital aging, a community’s infrastructure must offer opportunities that include:

  • Employment and entrepreneurship
  • Volunteer service
  • Civic participation
  • Recreation, travel, and sports
  • Education for personal enrichment and creative arts
  • Health and fitness
  • Support for caregiving
  • Alternatives for housing and transportation
  • Security, including both safety and economic security
  • Intergenerational thinking and action
  • Support for spirituality
  • Access to and information about technology

It is unrealistic to believe that every community can provide this wide a range of support, which is the reason that sharing strengths is so critical to vital aging. As older adults, you and your peers have the knowledge and experience to organize yourselves and create supports for others in your communities. In addition, new technologies facilitate communication and self-organizing beyond the traditional boundaries of communities.

Page Author: Jan Hively


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