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From the Chair 2015

Holiday Joy: a choice we all can make
While the holiday season is a time of celebration, family reunions and childlike wonder, many of us are not immune to sadness at this time of year. We may have lost loved ones, face health challenges or feel alone. more ]

Doing Good for Ourselves and Our Communities
We believe we are entering a new age of possibility. What are we doing with that time that is good for ourselves and good for our communities? Through programs such as Evolve and Wellness 50+, VAN helps people answer that question. more ]

Capacity, Knowledge, Attitude... How We View Older Adults
A recent conversation with my grandson reminded me of how insidious biases towards aging can be. more ]

Healthy Living: A Personal and Community Journey
The Vital Aging Network has been deeply engaged for the past two years in learning about health and wellness for older adults. more ]

Summer, Activity ad Healthy Aging
Perhaps you noticed last week the annual unveiling of the state fair foods bonanza! Every year the fair food delights seem to get bigger (some would say better), and are almost an insult to those trying to maintain a healthy diet. more ]

A Positive Legislative Year for an Aging Minnesota
As seems to be the norm at this time of year, Minnesota politics seem to be in chaos with opposing parties alternately driving for change or holding the line. more ]

Senior Fitness is Booming!
The Keiser Institute on Aging predicted ten years ago that there would be a significant boom in the need for senior fitness in America over the next two decades. more ]

Taking Health Improvement to Scale
The Vital Aging Network's Wellness 50 + program is a very exciting part of VAN's work and continues to energize its participants and leaders. more ]

Enjoy A Healthy Life!
We tend to think of health care as what happens in our doctors' offices or during a hospital stay when in actuality those situations are just the result of lack of health care. Health care happens in our homes, work places, churches, community centers a more ]

Social Wellness Matters Too!
The Vital Aging Network has always embraced the importance of wellness for older adults. Our focus tends towards the physical aspects of life, from making lifestyle changes to disease management. But social health is also very important. Social wellness more ]

The Word for 2015: Present!
At this time of year it is common to debate the importance of New Year's resolutions. Individuals seem to either be believers or non-believers in the worth of New Year's resolutions. There is reason for skepticism. more ]