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VAN Updates

Laying the Groundwork for Wellness 50+ Across Washington County
Wellness 50+ is a grassroots effort that engages community members as agents of positive change in their own lives and in supporting others in doing the same. To make this work possible, we are grateful for support of several key partners---Washington Cou more ]

The Why? How? What? of the Vital Aging Network
Vital Aging Network board members and a small group of additional network members, have spent the last few months examining our mission, looking at structure and programs and preparing for the future. more ]

A Critical Point in Our History---A Call to Action!
The Vital Aging Network is a fluid grassroots organization with a history of reinventing itself as the needs of people 50+ and the environment surrounding us changes. We have arrived at a crossroads that requires us to take on a new round of invention. more ]