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"Education will be the new premium for drawing new migrant retirees to our communities.”

—Ron Manheimer, University of North Carolina’s Creative Retirement Program

People continue to learn to keep up with what is going on in the world, increase spiritual and personal growth, and experience the sheer joy of learning something new. With the increase in older workers, you may also find yourself seeking to retool for a new career or update existing skills.

Opportunities for education in culture and the arts, in fitness training, for learning about computers, and for many other topics have grown tremendously over the last decade. You can enroll in classes through colleges and universities, through community education programs, in museums, or in a community’s library or community center.

Studies indicate that older adults prefer direct learning and want programs that match their preferred style of learning. Many adults are drawn to outdoor education, adventure travel, hands-on arts education, and groups that exchange ideas as well as more traditional courses. In most high-quality programs, you can draw from the wisdom and experience of others that share in the experience. In some programs where you learn by doing, particularly those in the arts, you often will demonstrate your learning through public performance.

Don’t forget to look for opportunities to go to the head of the class and teach.

Explore the options in our Additional Resources or find others on your own. You may find purpose and passion!

Page Author: Jan Hively


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  • Learning for Personal Enrichment - Whether you are seeking an in-depth exploration of Scandinavian folklore, a quick overview of the history of your state, or an introduction to the politics of the Middle East, a growing number of organizations can meet your interests.
  • Service Learning - New approaches to volunteering focus on learning and personal development for the volunteers while empowering those in need toward self-determination.

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