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Dr. Mel Kimble, founder of the Center for Aging, Religion, and Spirituality (CARS) at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, talks about aging as a two-edged sword. The blessing is found in the wisdom derived from a lifetime of experience. The curse is found in the inevitability of encountering your own limits and physical decline together with suffering pain, loss, and grief due to the illness and death of others.

For many, issues of religion and spirituality become central as they feel the touch of this sword and search for identity and meaning. One of Dr. Kimble's mentors, Victor Frankl, founder of existential analysis and of the third Viennese School of psychotherapy, suggested ways in which you find meaning:

  • Action: what you do
  • Relationship: how you love and are loved, and
  • Coping: how you handle the unavoidable suffering that life gives you.

Meaning is also found through individual reflection and contemplation of that which cannot be seen, the eternal.

If you feel that you need time for reflection and contemplation in your own search for meaning and balance, you have many options from which to choose.


This section includes the following pages:

  • Spiritual Centers & Retreats - If you have been feeling out of balance, a spiritual retreat may be of interest to you. Look for spiritual centers and other organizations that offer retreats and workshops.
  • Coping with Changes - You may find you need help in coping with major changes in life. You can ease transitions of any kind with a good support system.

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