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Aging with Gusto

“I never thought about everyday comments that are really ageist. I get together with former classmates twice and year and we are going to have a different discussion now!”
Aging with Gusto participant


Upcoming Aging with Gusto series:

The Kenwood Senior Living, Minneapolis

Three Thursdays: March 7, 14, 21

10:00 AM to Noon

825 Summit Avenue, Minneapolis MN 55403

Open to the public. Registration is required. There is a $12 registration fee, payable at the door; cash or check, only, please.

Download a flyer for more information or to register.


Southeast Christian Church, SE Minneapolis

THREE MONDAYS: April 1, 8, 15

2:00 to 4:00 PM

960-15th Avenue SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

Open to the public. Registration is required. There is a $12 registration fee, payable at the door; cash or check only, please.

Download a flyer for more information or to register. 


Westminster Presbyterian Church, downtown Minneapolis

THREE MONDAYS: April 8, 15, 29

10:00 AM to Noon

1200 Marquette Avenue, Minneapolis, 55403

Free and open to the public. Registration is required.

Download a flyer for more information or to register and for parking information


Aging with Gusto: A New Perspective on Aging

Aging. Whether we’re 6, 60 or 106, it’s happening to all of us... if we’re lucky. That’s not going to change. But what can change is how we view aging and how we treat one another and ourselves as we age.

It’s no secret: our society favors youth and shies away from aging. Prejudice against people as they age comes with a twist: It is discrimination against our future selves.

Positive Views Matter

Aging with Gusto works to ignite a more positive view of aging. And there’s never been a better time. More and more people are living to 100—and they’re doing so with more “gusto” than ever.

How we think about our own aging and how we treat others as they age takes on added significance as America and the world age at an unprecedented rate.

Goals for the Discussions

The Aging with Gusto discussions:

  • Encourage more positive views of aging.
  • Heighten appreciation for the capacity of people of all ages to contribute in their families and communities.
  • Increase awareness of ideas, behaviors and practices that are based on misconceptions and biases about older people.
  • Develop ideas for how to “age with gusto.”

Ideas for how to "age with gusto"

One Aging with Gusto discussion group completed the series of three discussions and generated an outstanding list of steps that we can take in our own lives, in our families, in our communities and in society to "age with gusto." See the list here. Download the list as pdf.

The Aging with Gusto effort is a joint project of the Vital Aging Network and Saint Paul - Ramsey County Public Health.The Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging are sponsors in the project.

Would you like to be an Aging with Gusto facilitator?

We are always interested in knowing who's interested in helping up expand Aging with Gusto. If you are interested in being a facilitator, read the volunteer role description and submit an application.

For additional information, call 651-917-4652 or email




This section includes the following pages:

  • Building a Community that Ages Well - Earlier this month, Community Thread hosted a lively discussion about what it means to age. The Aging with Gusto workshop was attended by 40 people who examined their own views of aging and became ambassadors for spreading the word about the dangers of ageism and how it affects us all.
  • Resources - Resources for learning more about Aging with Gusto.
  • Design Team - Aging with Gusto Design Team.
  • Tell Your Story - Use the link on this page to share the outcomes of your Aging with Gusto discussions.