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Holiday Joy: a choice we all can make

by Pam Hayle December 05, 2015

While the holiday season is a time of celebration, family reunions and childlike wonder, many of us are not immune to sadness at this time of year. We may have lost loved ones, face health challenges or feel alone. 

fotolia_74882561_xs_424I am reminded during this season that happiness is a state of mind, perhaps even a learned skill.  A quote from the Dalai Lama holds particular meaning for me during the holidays. “Happiness is not ready made it comes from our actions.”

Our Wellness 50+ program reminds us that physical wellness, mental wellness and spiritual wellness are all important to a healthy and happy life. By remaining socially engaged, volunteering, being around individuals of all age groups, we can have the feelings of joy that seems even more important at this time of year.

One of the luxuries of growing older is that most of us have learned to take one day at a time . . . and we know that being happy is a choice. 

I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and joyous New Year!


steve rock - December 10, 2015
So everyone, be inspired by these words and get busy with what actions I/we all need to take to work and achieve our happiness, as the Dalia Lama tells us. Happy Holidays all.

Nan Toskey - December 10, 2015
Thank you, Pam, for this affirming and empowering holiday tiding! Words to live by.

Steve Garver - December 10, 2015
Thanks Pam, I'm total agreement. I try to start each day with a crisp cream donut, not a dill pickle! May you holidays and the New Year be joyous too! Steve

Victoria Johnson - December 10, 2015
Thanks for the reminder. In today's world we all need to remind ourselves of the good things in our lives. Yes, life is a challenge, but oh what a ride! Embrace the season of giving to others and don't forget to remember yourself.