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From the Chair 2012

Reflections on My Experience as Chair
My role as chair of the Vital Aging Network came to an end on December 31, 2012. In this article, I want to reflect on some of the Vital Aging Network's accomplishments and challenges. I'm glad to have served, grateful for the contributions of many . . more ]

Thinking About Ageism
Ageism--"ideas, attitudes, beliefs, and practices on the part of individuals that are biased against persons or groups based on their older age"--is ubiquitous in our youth-oriented society. The Vital Aging Network (VAN), in partnership with Saint more ]

Dignity and Being Older
The observation that "Haiti is choking on receiving" caught my attention when I heard Ruth Anne Olson speak recently. I thought of a comparable paradox that may occur as we get older. more ]

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